Rental terms

Driverless rental terms:

  • The client renting a car must more than 23 years old
  • The client must have driver’s license and passport
  • For residents of Kyrgyzstan — employers’ statement is in need

Machine utilization:

  • Run-out of 300 km in a day. In case of over limits, extra charges of 0.3$ for a km.
  • Leaving abroad must be approved by «Car Land»

Cars delivery:

  • Delivery may be made twenty-four-seven, any day without days-off and holidays – for free

The rental price of a car includes:

  • Car insurance
  • Maintenance of car carrier

Payment is accepted:

  • In cash
  • Visa and Master Card
  • Bank transmission

Terms of payment:

  • Total rental value is paid on the vehicle procurement
  • Security deposit in the amount of 400$ is placed on the vehicle procurement and is returned to the client on the returning of the car.

Deposit is fully or partially held on conditions:

  • In case you tore the rubber or broke the window – the amount of damage done is held.
  • In case you stun and dinged up the car:
    • For the amount less than 400$ – the amount of damages is paid for maintenance
    • For the amount more than 400$, 400$ are held, the other is paid by the insurance

Car terms with a driver:

  • Payment is made a day before the beginning of a rent
  • Payment is made in the amount of 100% before the beginning of a rent
  • In case of cancellation 24 hours before — 0% forfeit
  • In case of cancellation less than 24 hours before — 30% forfeit