Cars with drivers

We consider you know the situation when you need a car but you do not have a desire or possibility to take the wheel. All may be easily explained. Some people feel uncomfortable being on unknown roads. The others do not have driver’s license. The thirds do not see the possibility to fully relax being at the wheel of the car. Car rent in Bishkek – Car Land. It is a unique chance to organize business deals and holiday secure and with comfort. Get used to good – value your powers, money and time!

Who can rent a car with a driver?

Our company offers services of car rent to residents and guests of the capital of Kyrgyzstan. We work in two directions – transportable support of a client in a city and abroad trips for short and long distances. Have you come to Bishkek to take holiday to relax on Issyk Kul Lake? Or you have a desire to have a ride along mountains ranges of Tien Shan mountains? Do you have a desire to enjoy the greatness of architectural and historical sightseeing of Bishkek? Rent a car in Bishkek with a driver – your way to fulfill the plan for 100%! Having chosen us as the service of car rent you can surely get European level of communication and compliance of the provided services with individual requirements for transportation.

What gives a car rent with a driver in Bishkek?

Car rent gives the following benefits to the clients of our company:

  • Prestige;
  • Security of a tour;
  • Absence of brush with the law;
  • Search operativeness of parking area;
  • Comfort and freedom of movement and travel.

Car rent in Bishkek gives all the opportunities to leave stress connected with movement in a highly populated city and shift cares of technical condition of the car to specialists. “Car Land” is aware of how to host guests in the capital!

Car rent in Bishkek – prices of services

Prices of service of car rent are estimated individually for our guest of our company. The following price forming factors influence the price – brand and model of a car, running time of car rent in Bishkek, providing of extra services, etc. Do you want to know the price rent of “Car Land”? Call us! Qualified managers will gladly answer all questions you are interested in and help you in the choice of a representative car.

Choose a car with a driver