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Dear comrades!

Welcome to solar Kyrgyzstan!

For now it seems to be difficult to go without a private car regardless of the aim of the visit in the modern metropolitan city. Public transport makes all to wait for a long time and stay in tune with the transport schedule. It is the very reason of long and short term car sharing service getting its popularity. For those who know the value of true comfort, “Car Land” offers services of car rent in Bishkek. We have at our disposal respectable car fleet which estimates dozens of cars of various vehicle configuration, capacity and class.

Benefits of car rent

All of the cars in our program of car rent get the full range of maintenance service.

Cars are peculiar for:

  • serviceable condition;
  • appealing appearance;
  • complete vehicle configuration with all necessary for daily comfortable usage.

Referring to our company of car rent in Bishkek, you have an opportunity to fully enjoy tour trip so that you will never be late for the business meeting. “Car Land” – is self-assurance and freedom of movement and travel!

How to rent a car in Bishkek – details of the order

We work at the car market for a long time and know for sure how to facilitate all for our clients. To rent a car on our website it is necessary to choose the car you are interested in, point out a submission period of the service and characteristics of the rent. Then it is required to make a query which is going to be given priority. You have an opportunity to confirm car services in a matter of seconds and turn out to be in the driver’s seat of:

  • Toyota Land Cruiser 200
  • Lexus 570
  • Lexus 470
  • Toyota 4Runner
  • Toyota Sequoia
  • And other car models.

Low prices, great deals for loyal customers, flexible discount system – we make the service of car rent to stay high-demanded and interesting. Make a choice of “Car Land” and open the world of comfort adventure!